Celebrate 2020!

On September 12, the Junior Class Board held their kickoff event for the Class of 2020! They filled Heights with food and board games to celebrate the start of the new year!

 You’re a Junior, Now What?

On October 17, the Junior Class Board hosted a panel of seniors who had secured full time jobs or graduate school offers. At the panel, students were able to listen to seniors talk about their journey into the post-undergraduate world and how they were able to secure internships and jobs during their junior and senior years.

De-Stress with CAS 2020: Waffle Wednesday

On December 12, the Junior Class Board held their stressbuster for students. They had waffles from Wafels and Dinges and board games, along with fun CAS 2020 stickers to help students de-stress before they entered a very busy week!

Apartment Hunting: Navigating Off-Campus Housing

On April 15, the Junior Class Board hosted an event for students to learn more about how to find an apartment in the city. They had brochures to help students navigate the process, succulents with pots that students could paint, and classic NYC food: pizza, black and white cookies, and boba.