Meet Our Committees!

If you're interested in joining any of our committees, come to our GA meeting on Tuesday at 7:00pm in the Heights Alumni Lounge


Alumni Relations

The Alumni Relations committee focuses on bringing together both Students and CAS Alumni in order to create a stronger bond between them. Students will have to opportunity to network with alumni to learn about the opportunities available for CAS students after graduation through events such as the Annual Student-Alumni Banquet.


The responsibility of Curriculum Committee is two-fold: programming and policy. We serve to form a better academic experience for students and make it easier for students to handle their academic affairs. To accomplish this, the Curriculum Committee holds a few events during the year, such as the Student Faculty Banquet as well as the Majors and Minors Showcase. In addition to these events, the Curriculum Committee is focused on policy, which includes but is not limited to, getting a sense of student’s opinions about current classes, their curriculum, and any questions and concerns students may have regarding their academic path. With this input in mind, the committee functions to see that hopefully something is done about their input by bringing it to the right people who govern decisions for their respective departments.


The service committee has one chair who oversees all service related events. There are multiple members that make up the service committee. We've hosted multiple events like the Hurricane Relief Bake Sale for Puerto Rico that garnered over $1000, City Meals on Wheels, and a Pediatric Cancer Bake Sale. We're hoping to do more service related events throughout the semester and continuing to involve more CAS students


The Programming Committee is tasked with planning and executing Student Council’s biggest events for the enjoyment of the entire student body. Its job is to program events that enhance college life, engage the CAS community, and most importantly promote CAS spirit.  Programming Committee has previously put on or participated in events like BagelFest, a Student Council tradition to give away free bagels to CAS students; CASxStern Debates, a collaborative debate series between students of the CAS and Stern schools on various timely and relevant topics; and All-University Games, which is a Violet100 competitive event between students of all the NYU schools. Our year culminates in CAS Formal, which is a formal banquet-style dinner filled with decadent food, beautiful photos, and nonstop dancing. Our events have traditionally been these, but we are always open to new events.

Public relations

The Public Relations Committee is responsible for all of the marketing material for Student Council. This includes all materials used by each committee, managing all of the social media accounts, updating the website, and sending out emails to CAS. 

class board

The Class Boards strive to create events that appeal to each respective class. The First Year Class Board tends to focus on events that create a community among the incoming class. The Sophomore Class Board works to create events to help students make connections in the business world as well as fun events to build on the sense of community from the first year. The Junior Class Board focuses on preparing students for the time beyond college as well as fun events to relieve students of the stress that comes with junior year. Finally, the Senior Class Board recognizes seniors for their work from the past four years and prepares them to say goodbye to NYU. Keep an eye out for Class Board Member applications at the end of each semester! (these are the only committees that require an application)

student advocacy

The CAS Student Advocacy Committee works to amplify the thoughts and concerns of students in CAS. We strive to make student voices heard, as well as provide spaces for students to express their thoughts on contemporary issues affecting their experiences through initiatives such as Upstander Dialogue and Council Conversations.