Meet Our Committees!

If you're interested in joining any of our committees, come to our GA meetings on Tuesdays at 7:00pm in the Heights Alumni Lounge!

advocacy committee

The Advocacy Committee works to amplify the thoughts and concerns of students in CAS and ensure that student voices are heard. They also try to ensure that CAS Student Council is doing its part to promote social justice by holding events and working alongside other student organizations. One event that they plan is the Upstander Dialogue, an event in in which students engage with important issues around campus through discussion with experts (past topics have been about gender-motivated violence, sanctuary campuses, and food insecurity).

Alumni relations

The Alumni Relations Committee plans events that help foster and enhance the connection and communication between current CAS students and CAS alumni, as well as help CAS students learn about opportunities available after the graduate. They plan events such as the annual Student-Alumni Banquet and Student-Alumni debates which allow for structured, direct communication and networking between students and alumni.

Community service

The Community Service Committee plans fun and creative service and fundraising events. The main organization that they fundraise for is NYDM, where all proceeds go to the B+ Foundation, an organization which provides financial and emotional support for children and families battling pediatric cancer. Past fundraising initiatives have included canning, bake sales, and candy grams. Past service events have included City Meals on Wheels, donating women’s care packages, and making cards and goodie bags for children in hospitals.


The Curriculum Committee plans events that help bring CAS students into conversation with professors, faculty, and staff outside of the classroom, such as the annual Student-Faculty Banquet. They also plan events that celebrate CAS undergraduates in their academic milestones, such as a Declaration Day celebration. Additionally, they also focus on policy which can include students’ opinions about current classes, their curriculum, and other questions and concerns students have about their academic path. This past year, they focused on concerns regarding the CORE Curriculum and sought to help CAS students understand and take part in creating their curriculum.


The Programming Committee plans events that are intended to engage the CAS community and promote CAS spirit. The Programming Committee is responsible for planning CAS Formal, which includes a delicious three-course dinner and night of dancing, generally at a stunning location, and BagelFests, generally occurring once a month, where CAS Student Council gives our free bagels to students in Silver.

public relations

Public Relations, easily the best committee on Student Council, is responsible for ensuring that CAS’ student body is well-informed about all of the different events and initiatives that CAS student council runs. The Public Relations Committee makes and distributes all of the marketing material for CAS Student Council. This entails creating graphics for all events, maintaining our social media pages (Facebook, Instagram) and website, and sending out a newsletter that highlights upcoming events and important information. Additionally, members of the Public Relations Committee take photos at all Student Council events.

first year class board

The First Year Class Board plans events that are geared specifically towards the needs of the incoming class. They plan five events throughout the year: three focus on CAS’ pillars - academic inquiry, college life, service - and the other two are a fall and spring stressbuster. These events are intended to create a community among the first-years and help them transition into their first year of college.

sophomore class board

The Sophomore Class Board plans and organizes events geared towards the needs of the CAS sophomore class. They plan six events throughout the year: a kickoff event in the Fall, three following the pillars of CAS - academic inquiry, college life, service - and a stressbuster at the end of each semester. Their events are geared more towards helping students make future career connections, as well as events meant to build an even stronger community among the sophomore class. Members of the board also attend the Leadership Development Series, a biweekly meeting with the cohort presidents where they learn and develop skills that will assist them as professionals and leaders.

junior class board

The Junior Class Board plans events that are specific towards the needs of the junior class.  They plan six events throughout the year: a kickoff event in the Fall, three following the pillars of CAS - academic inquiry, college life, service - and a stressbuster at the end of each semester. Their events are meant to help prepare juniors for their lives after college, and also help them relieve stress that comes during their Junior Year.

senior class board

The Senior Class Board organizes and plans events that are tailored towards the wants and needs of the senior class. They plan six events throughout the year: three around the three pillars of CAS - College Life, Academic Inquiry, and Service - a kickoff at the beginning of the Fall Semester, and two stressbusters. Their events are intended to help seniors prepare for their journey after leaving NYU, as well as make their last year at NYU memorable.

Note: Class Boards are the only committee which one must apply for. These applications are open at the end of the Spring Semester for the following academic year (Applications are opened in the beginning of the Fall semester for the First Year Class Board)